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Our advanced bot has the unique ability to be trained with a wide range of data types, including:

Website Content

PDF Documents



Text Data


Chat In Flow is a cutting-edge AI technology company focused on transforming data into powerful, intelligent bots.

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How our Chatbot Can Makes Your Life Easier

Improve Engagement

Attract and hold the attention of your website visitors with an interactive and engaging experience, resulting in fewer drop-offs and improved customer retention.

Global Reach

Overcome language barriers and extend your global presence with our platform's capacity to communicate proficiently in more than 150 languages.

Boost Revenue

Convert more leads into paying customers by leveraging our sales-focused chatbot platform that nurtures prospects and drives conversions.

Never Answer The Same Question Twice

Save time thanks to AI driven communication. Automate your most frequent answers.

Time Well Spent

Spending less time on repetitive requests gives the opportunity to better allocate the available resources and increase productivity.

Support Is Money

Implementing conversational AI has a proven record in reducing customer's care service costs, which translates into a endless improvement at a fixed cost.

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How It Works?

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